Alexander Michael’s operates on a “first come / first served basis. We do not accept reservations due to our small size and limited capacity. Maximizing seating is crucial to our success. Usually we have a good flow even on busy nights and your wait is not very long. So relax…. try a beer you’ve never had before at the bar….order an appetizer and we’ll get you seated as soon as we can. (You may eat lunch or dinner at the bar if you wish)

A note about large parties….We don’t want to turn away any business but in an effort to inform people who have never been here before; larger parties (over 6) during our peak hours are sometimes difficult to accommodate in a timely manner simply because there are only a few places those larger parties can be seated in Alexander Michael’s. We would rather make you aware of this rather than promise you a table that we may not be able to provide. If you have any questions about a group please call us. We will be happy to advise you so that your experience at Al Mike’s is a pleasant one.

IF YOU’RE COMING FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT we require that your entire party be inside the restaurant before we seat you. We apply this to everyone so that all are treated in a fairly. Please make sure the rest of your party is aware of this so we have a better chance of seating you in a timely manner. Don’t get frustrated with our host / hostess because members of your party are late. If your party is arrives on time this policy works in your favor. We will not believe (anymore) that the missing members of your party are “On the way” and / or:
• Parking the car
• Walking down the street
• Will be here in 5 minutes
• Etc.

We greatly appreciate your help and understanding.

Alexander Michael’s is available on Sundays for private parties. It’s a great space for up to 60 – 70 people. Your event can be customized to your needs and the place is all yours! Please email us at to inquire.